NetAcuity Pulse Plus

The First-of-its-Kind ZIP+4 Targeting Solution

NetAcuity Pulse Plus combines the device-derived data of NetAcuity Pulse with Digital Element’s internally developed reverse-geocoding data feeds, leveraging this new intelligence along with shape and boundary files to provide the industry’s first IP targeting solution with ZIP+4 level granularity.

Global IP Targeting with Unmatched Granularity

Globally, Pulse Plus now allows for the finest granularity of IP-based latitude/longitude targeting, taking the traditional methods of centroid latitude/longitude targeting to new depths of precision. With unsurpassed coverage, NetAcuity returns results for 99.9999% of all seen IP addresses worldwide.

Success with NetAcuity Pulse Plus

Crimtan employed NetAcuity to enhance their dynamic advertising platform by achieving unrivaled targeting precisions, immediately allowing Crimtan’s clients to deliver localized advertising campaigns, reduce wasted ad impressions, and improve overall advertising efficiency.

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Hyperlocal IP Targeting for Your Business Needs

NetAcuity Pulse Plus is available for flat file implementation, and available for purchase for those companies looking for the most granular ZIP and latitude/longitude IP-based targeting available.

Whether you’re looking to deliver targeted advertising, enhance analytics, target mobile users, or more, NetAcuity provides the industry’s best in geolocation data and services. Get in touch now to see how our NetAcuity Pulse Plus solution can meet your business needs.

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How Companies are Using NetAcuity

NetAcuity Pulse Plus’ geolocation and IP Intelligence technology is used across industries for a variety of applications, from content localization to ad targeting to fraud prevention.

Companies can now leverage a single IP geolocation solution to accomplish numerous initiatives—whether the goal is to create an instant connection with a first-time site visitor, measure engagement with an online audience, ensure that content is in the right hands, or to shore up online security measures.

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