NetAcuity Edge

Global IP Targeting at a City/Postcode Level

NetAcuity Edge is an enhancement to Digital Element’s standard NetAcuity data, offering global hyperlocal IP geolocation with increased accuracy at the city/town and ZIP/postcode levels.

Since its initial launch, NetAcuity Edge has revolutionized the IP geolocation space by providing the only validated partner-contributed geographic postcode-level data on the market.

Advanced Algorithms for Unrivaled Accuracy

NetAcuity Edge brings you the most accurate and reliable IP geolocation data possible by combining traditional infrastructure analysis with insight gleaned from a network of global commercial partners to better map the internet.

This data is then validated through the use of proprietary clustering analysis algorithms (CAA) and deep knowledge of the Internet’s topology, resulting in the most granular and accurate hyperlocal geotargeting solution available.

Success with NetAcuity Edge

Using NetAcuity’s IP Intelligence in their on-demand digital TV and radio platform, YouView is able to identify customer ISPs so the relevant packaged service can be delivered to each set-top box, ensuring a seamless, personalized viewing experience for the consumer.

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Get Started with NetAcuity Edge

NetAcuity Edge data is available for purchase in addition to Digital Element’s current NetAcuity data offerings for those companies looking for greater targeting depth to drive relevance closer to home.

Whether you’re looking to deliver targeted advertising, enhance analytics, target mobile users, or more, NetAcuity provides the industry’s best in geolocation data and services. Get in touch now to see how our NetAcuity Edge solution can meet your business needs.

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How Companies are Using NetAcuity

NetAcuity Edge’s geolocation and IP Intelligence technology is used across industries for a variety of applications, from content localization to ad targeting to fraud prevention.

Companies can now leverage a single IP geolocation solution to accomplish numerous initiatives—whether the goal is to create an instant connection with a first-time site visitor, measure engagement with an online audience, ensure that content is in the right hands, or to shore up online security measures.

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