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How New IP-Based ZIP+4 Geolocation Technology Gives Marketers a More Precise Target


Digital marketers are always looking for a competitive edge when it comes to segmenting and reaching their online audiences with relevant advertising, messages and special promotions. That “edge” typically comes from learning to leverage data to their advantage―and the deeper and more accurate that data the better.

Digital Element is addressing marketers’ needs for more data granularity with the introduction of Pulse Plus, the first IP-based ZIP+4 location targeting solution and the newest edition to its pioneering NetAcuity platform of products. Pulse Plus combines the device-derived data of NetAcuity Pulse with Digital Element’s proprietary technology that produces reverse-geocoding data feeds. Available for flat-file implementation, Pulse Plus combines this new intelligence with geographic shape and boundary files to produce the next generation of ZIP code targeting within the United States. Additionally, the Pulse Plus ZIP+4 data can be combined with demographics to produce even more granular and precise targeting for marketers.

NetAcuity Pulse Plus is especially beneficial to marketers that want to target very specific audiences concentrated in more pinpointed locations within the United States. The following are just two examples of how different companies can apply this technology to enhance their digital marketing campaigns:

  • Restaurants may drive in more local diners by advertising specials to neighborhoods/businesses with ZIP codes within a 5-mile drive of the establishment.
  • Political campaigns can deliver specific advertising and messages to key constituents in local districts, for example where voter turn-out is low or where candidates want to gain grassroots momentum.

Learn more here about how your company can use this type of precision targeting.

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