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Guest Post: How Smart Targeting Can Help You Achieve High-Performance Marketing

It goes without saying that location is one of the most important criteria for advertising smart targeting as well as for the optimization of ad campaigns. Pinpoint data accuracy is a key factor for reaching a designated audience and, ultimately, facilitating better returns from advertising campaigns. From what the comparative statistics show, smart targeting allows advertisers to reach a more relevant audience in comparison to ordinary targeting, that often can leave behind around 30 to 40 percent of potential consumers.

As a solution provider for advertisers, affiliate networks and publishers, Affise offers a performance-marketing platform to run, manage and optimize their ad campaigns. Thus, we need to provide our clients with unmatched geo-accuracy to ad-campaign targeting and tracking. However, we quickly realized that not all geolocation data providers are created equal and recognized that our current datasets were no longer enough for ensuring accurate targeting for our clients―for whom granular data is a must. The need arose to find a solution with global datasets that would accurately, reliably and non-invasively identify the location of digital consumers to help ensure smart targeting for our clients.

Integrating Industry-Leading IP Intelligence and Geolocation Data

Because the accuracy of geotargeting depends on the quality of the database being used to identify users’ locations, the only solution for us was to partner with Digital Element, the industry leader in global geolocation data and services.

With NetAcuity Edge technology, Affise is able to more accurately geotarget, either as a standalone targeting criterion or by adding accurate IP location data to other datasets to build better targeting profiles. Additional datasets, such as connection speed and mobile carrier, have been added to broaden targeting options and enrich capabilities, helping to improve the relevance and response for online campaigns.

Our team worked diligently to ensure the Affise platform integrated with and deployed the solution for our clients smoothly and effortlessly. Now, Affise clients benefit significantly from this new feature, and we’re changing the way affiliates target their designated audiences by greatly improving the accuracy of our geotargeting.

Multiple Benefits Provide Boosted Performance

The main results of integrating NetAcuity Edge within the Affise platform are highlighted below:

  • Deeper and More Far-Reaching Analytics
    It enables more accurate segmentation of online audiences and gives more detailed portraits of consumers. With this data, advertisers receive much clearer insights into particular customer behaviors and are able to adjust campaigns and target accordingly.
  • More Accurate Geotargeting and Traffic Tracking
    By using more accurate and reliable datasets, our clients reach the right audiences with more relevant ads―ultimately improving click-through rates.
  • Stronger Fraud Prevention
    Using IP intelligence reduces online fraud by more than 90 percent. We’ve seen this benefit through:

    1. More balanced risk management where geolocation information is used to identify and allow legitimate accounts access or identify and reject fraud sources;
    2. Enhanced identity verification that prevents access from non-targeted or high-fraud areas; and
    3. Detection and prevention of non-earmarked traffic from proxies.

With all these advantages, Affise has taken a big step forward to ensure that clients’ advertising campaigns would benefit from smart targeting and have the best possible performance―bringing more conversions and higher ROI.

Guest Author: Dmitrii Zotov, founder and CTO of Affise

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