Guest Post: How Accessible Data Allows for Deeper Marketing Optimization

Data has become accessible thanks to advances in technology, including Digital Element, that now empower you as a marketer.

This accessibility opens up opportunities for you as a marketer, letting you go deeper than the base levels of publisher and country. More importantly, you can now make these granular optimizations without spending countless hours trapped by the misery of spreadsheet pivot tables.

The combination of depth plus ease allows you to gain a competitive edge over your peers. Each small optimization you make only produces minor improvements to your performance, but if you can pile them up quickly, they compound into massive returns.

Take your Optimization to the City Level

Go deeper. Rather than treating a country like the United States as a whole, optimize your channels on the city level. Once you’ve done some basic city-level optimization to your channels, start sending traffic to city-specific landing pages, and keep optimizing your conversion rates.

For example, marketers can use Everflow’s analytics report to break down city data:

Everflow's Conversions and Events analytics

When you look at the city level, your base conversion-to-event rate for Los Angeles is 14 percent, but only 9 percent for Chicago. This data provides you with an opportunity to test how you can improve your underachieving city’s performance, or whether you should adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Creating a Chicago-specific landing page gives you massive levers for conversion rate optimization. You can determine if there is better messaging or offerings for addressing that market, which can lead to significant gains in your conversion rate.

If you’re buying media, then don’t let your evaluation stop at the top-level performance. You can make huge optimization gains by diving deeper and viewing your opportunities on a granular level.

In this example, when looking at the highest revenue cities, everything looks good:

Everflow's analytics on highest revenue cities

However, if you also examine more pinpointed locations where you’re buying traffic but driving no revenue, then you can quickly boost your margins by deactivating those sources―assuming that you’ve collected enough volume for this data to be statistically relevant:

Everflow's analytics on low revenue cities

Data Plus Technology Leads to Performance

When you have a powerful data provider such as Digital Element, and a feature-rich tracking platform like Everflow, you can make smarter decisions about how to run your campaigns and expand your marketing.

You can take it even further and start setting up deterministic automation for these clear decisions, for example, creating notifications when you’ve generated 10,000 clicks from a city without conversions, so you can deactivate those placements inside your media-buying platform.

Being able to easily perform a deeper level of granular optimization opens up substantial opportunities to beat out your competitors. Take advantage of this, and make sure it can be done effectively without burning up your precious hours.

Guest Author: Michael Cole, director of marketing at Everflow

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