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Digital Element’s IP Data to Help Tackle Global Challenges

On November 18, Digital Element’s parent company Digital Envoy announced a new initiative that enables non-profits and research-based organizations to leverage location data to help make the world a better place in material ways. The new program, Data for Impact, aims to identify opportunities where aggregated global location data can have a positive impact on humanitarian, economic and global events.

Digital Element’s IP geolocation data will play an important role in this initiative, giving non-profit and research-based organizations greater certainty in leveraging high-quality, privacy-conscious IP and geolocation data to solve real-world problems. Our precise, real-time geolocation data compliments data from our sister company, Outlogic, to enable program partners to have a powerful social impact where it is most needed.

Using Data to Solve Real Challenges
We believe that if we can make a difference in people’s lives, then we are obligated to do so. In that spirit, Digital Envoy will make its data available to experts who can use it tackle humanity’s most difficult challenges, including:

  • Protecting human rights: The Data for Impact program will actively provide data and information vital in stopping human trafficking and promoting fundamental human rights.
  • Navigating nature: Information from heat maps has the ability to provide vital data in the case of natural disasters and global pandemics. Of note, this type of information has already produced a groundbreaking study on improving evacuation routes in advance of a natural disaster and on analysis regarding whether preventive COVID-19 measures are working and how the virus may spread.
  • Shedding light around economic uncertainty: Public policy, infrastructure and services are heavily dependent on data. The Data for Impact program will be working with organizations to identify new opportunities that can provide more effective sector and program prioritization, design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

Some of the initial Data for Impact program partners include the COVID Alliance, MIT and The World Bank. We are proud of the material gains our data has already provided, and look forward to working with worthy organizations in the future.

Have a Need?
If you represent an organization, or know someone who does, that would benefit from the Data for Impact program, please get in touch with Jake Ellenburg, Vice President of Communications at Digital Envoy, parent company of Digital Element.

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