How a Boost in Quality Geo and Carrier Data is Driving “Ridiculous” Conversions for Mobile Content Advertisers

Nov. 7, 2017

In August, we at Go2mobi made the announcement that our self-serve mobile DSP was taking  Geo-IP and Carrier targeting to a new level by integrating Digital Element’s NetAcuity Edge™ technology and data. Two and a half months later, we’re thrilled to say that nearly 1,000 campaigns are now leveraging this data to target their specific audience segments on specific carriers―more accurately than ever!

As the industry standard for carrier and geographic mapping, NetAcuity is leading the pack with city-level accuracy up to 97+ percent worldwide. In addition, NetAcuity is providing coverage for 99.9999 percent of the Internet and collecting more than 60-70 million points of view daily. With this intense boost of quality data, it’s no surprise that our advertisers have seen tremendous success in campaigns that are heavily reliant on targeting Geo-IPs and Carriers accurately.

Advertisers running 1-click Mobile Content, also known as carrier billing or Value-Added Services (VAS) campaigns, have been able to double down on this rich data and now have the ability to target approximately 2,400 carriers in more than 230 countries. This results in serving ads to the right customers, on the right carriers, at a precise place and time, and at scale! So in other words, conversions, conversions, and oh, did I mention CONVERSIONS?

As a pioneer in mobile programmatic advertising, Go2mobi knows that data is king. More importantly, we recognize the ability to make well-informed decisions based off of data is what truly makes it powerful. This is where Go2mobi’s DSP can be fully leveraged as our platform grants advertisers the ability to drill down to three levels of data combinations for more precise optimization. This allows them to unlock hidden pockets of profitable traffic with a degree of transparency that is simply not available on other DSPs.

In fact, Go2mobi’s advanced targeting enables advertisers to determine combinations of traffic that are driving not just high conversion rates, but also profitable effective costs per action (eCPAs). For instance, you could have a hyper-targeted combo set, such as Vodafone customers in Germany on iOS devices, that is highly profitable versus a combo set of Vodafone customers in Germany on Android devices that is not. This is critical information for any programmatic marketer to have in order to decide which combos should be whitelisted or blacklisted and/or bid up or bid down to successfully optimize campaign budgets.

While we’ve seen 1-Click Mobile Content campaigns leading the charge in leveraging our integration with Digital Element’s industry leading data, we know that the opportunities for other campaign successes are endless.

Guest Author: Grant Storry, COO at Go2mobi


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