Be IP Smart

We’ve all seen some dumb ideas before, but not going with the best IP data to boost your business is REALLY dumb.

Our customers are seeing improvements in engagement and conversion rates by using our IP Intelligence technology, and we’re going to show you exactly how they did it.

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Be IP Smart, No. 6: New Data

While many other IP data providers refresh their databases every few months to every few years, we keep our databases up-to-date on a weekly basis, making sure you’re given the most reliable data possible in today’s ever-changing online world.

Previous Videos:

Be IP Smart, No. 3

Be IP Smart, No. 5: Risk

Mediocre IP data providers give you mediocre results, and risking the quality of your IP data by going with the “cheapest” option could be detrimental. Don’t risk it!

Be IP Smart, No. 3

Be IP Smart, No. 4: Protection

Having dependable security measures in place is a must for any online business, and using IP Intelligence brings you immediate, reliable information critical to protecting your online channel.

Be IP Smart, No. 3

Be IP Smart, No. 3: Support

Every solution we offer comes with 24/7 tech support to get you set up and keep you going with the best IP Intelligence the market has to offer.

Be IP Smart, No. 2

Be IP Smart, No. 2: Accuracy

Whether you’re running geo-targeted ads, seeking out the deepest customer insights, or looking to provide the best online user experience possible, having accurate data is crucial.

Be IP Smart, No. 1

Be IP Smart, No. 1: Coverage

When it comes to worldwide coverage, no other IP data provider offers more seen locations than we do. So leverage the only global, validated, hyperlocal data set for your business!

How Smart Is It?

To put it simply, Digital Element’s NetAcuity solutions offer the best in IP targeting data, period.  Any business with an online presence can leverage the power of IP Intelligence and geolocation to deliver relevant and engaging online content.

So are you ready to #BeIPSmart? Check out our YouTube series and download our IP Targeting guide to see all the smart ways our industry-leading solutions can help your company accomplish its online goals.


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