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Enterprise-grade IP Address Intelligence and Geolocation Data

Go beyond geolocation. Leverage rich IP address data and insights to power improved decision making for teams in Adtech, Fraud & Cybersecurity, DRM, and more.

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Small Startups and Leading Brands Trust Digital Element

Leading the way in IP geolocation for over two decades

For over 25 years, Digital Element has empowered businesses with cutting-edge IP address intelligence and geolocation solutions. We leverage multiple data sources, hold over 50 patents, and partner with the top ISPs and networks. Additionally, we process billions of IP observations daily to ensure our clients have access to the most accurate and comprehensive IP address intelligence available.

Drive better results with unparalleled accuracy and coverage

Achieve unmatched precision in IP geolocation, with detailed accuracy to postal code and ZIP+4 levels worldwide. Global accuracy is more than 97% at a city and 99.99% at the country level.

This is complemented by extensive internet coverage of 99.9999%, ensuring thorough and reliable data collection.

Improve insights with the most comprehensive IP address intelligence

Geolocation is only the beginning. Digital Element’s patented approach uncovers rich contextual information to support advanced applications in targeted advertising, content customization, compliance, fraud prevention, cybersecurity, digital rights management, and more.

From VPN and Proxy detection, to IP Address stability and range – Digital Element offers the most comprehensive IP Intelligence dataset available.

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Get expert guidance for your use case

With over 25 years of experience in leveraging IP address intelligence and geolocation for use cases across numerous industries, our seasoned engineers can provide the consultative expertise to amplify insights and deliver the competitive edge your business needs to excel.

Versatile Data for Diverse Use Cases

Unlock the power of IP address intelligence and geolocation data with solutions tailored to your business’s unique needs.

Content Localization

Personalize user experiences by tailoring content, language, currency, and other characteristics.

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Targeted Advertising

Improve ad conversion rates with improved segmentation and geo-targeted ad delivery.

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Digital Rights Management

Manage the accessibility of online content and protect digital assets against online piracy.

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Online Fraud Detection

Successfully distinguish between legitimate consumers and potential fraudsters and bots.

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Location Analytics

Identify high-engagement regions, analyze location-specific activities, and discern real users from fraudulent ones.

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Mobile User Targeting

Serve customized and localized content to mobile consumers who access the Internet from either Wi-Fi hotspots or wireless networks.

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Digital Element Spotlight

Digital Element Adds Deterministic IP Address Metadata to Nodify Product

New IP Characteristics database harnesses IP address metadata, brings contextual IP address data to supercharge insights, and enables greater protection against the challenge of location obfuscation and identity masking.

Five Ways IP Intelligence Data Helps Broadcasters

Broadcasters must have accurate data that ensures they deliver the right content, while personalizing the user experience, and protecting the digital rights of content owners.

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