Worldwide Postcode-Level IP Geolocation Data Improves Online Gambling Experience


With its global audience, bet365 serves 17 million customers in more than 200 countries and operates in 17 different languages. Deploying IP geolocation enables the company to simplify content localization and automatically serve that content and advertising in the right language and currency─improving relevance, response and revenues.

To localize website content and improve the user experience, bet365 needed accurate, reliable and up-to-date hyperlocal IP geolocation data available on a global basis.

“Digital Element’s NetAcuity Edge™ technology provides us with the most accurate data available, enabling us to operate with confidence that we are offering the best experience possible as well as remaining compliant with any geographic restrictions,” explained Martin Davies, CEO–Technology, bet365.

Read the full press release to discover how one of the world’s leading online gambling companies is customizing the user experience and ensuring compliance.

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