Why Location Matters to Online B2B Lead Management


On average, less than 5 percent of website visits lead to conversions. That amounts to a tremendous number of lost sales opportunities. However, APSIS ProspectEye AB has developed an automated lead-management solution that monitors web traffic to provide detailed insight into visitor behavior. This is used to help B2B companies better understand the specific products and services of interest to visitors as well as the make-up of the visiting organizations―helping to maximize sales efficiency by identifying key decision-makers to target and increasing the relevance of follow-up activity.

With 55 percent of visitors spending fewer than 15 seconds on a website, it’s vital to leverage any digital engagements to the fullest in order to generate more high-quality leads. By adding NetAcuity EdgeTM hyperlocal IP geolocation technology into its lead-management solution, APSIS ProspectEye AB can cross-reference its extensive database with company IP addresses, providing clients with additional location-specific insight. This information can be integrated with client Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to help determine whether visitors are already customers or prospects. High-potential leads can then be identified and targeted with responses tailored to their localities.

“It was essential for us to choose an IP technology provider with the ability to produce accurate and detailed location-based data to complement the quality of the organizational insight we offer,” explained Mathias Thulin, commercial product manager at APSIS ProspectEye AB.

Since integrating the technology, APSIS ProspectEye AB has experienced a vast improvement in IP coverage and enhanced targeting precision.

Read the full press release to learn more about how you can leverage location in your online B2B lead-management strategies.

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