Vibrant Media Improves Geotargeting Capabilities with NetAcuity Edge

Vibrant Media’s ad platform delivers native, contextually relevant and branded content across more than 6,600 premium publishers, reaching more than 300 million unique users per month. With the addition of the NetAcuity EdgeTM hyperlocal geolocation solution, the global leader of in-content contextual advertising technology will greatly improve its geographic targeting accuracy and audience segmentation.

The addition of more granular geographic targeting data-down to a postcode level-into Vibrant Media’s in-content advertising platform improves relevance, click through and conversion rates for its clients’ campaigns.

“Digital Element is the global leader in IP geolocation technology and is the only IP data provider to deliver true postcode-level targeting, so the company was the natural choice to help us achieve optimum granularity at the city and postcode level”, explained Vibrant Media’s Ben Anderson, senior vice president, technology.

Read the full press release to learn more about how Vibrant Media is applying hyperlocal geolocation to clients’ online advertising campaigns.

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