Charlie Johnson interview with Digital TV Europe [IBC 2017]

In this exclusive IBC 2017 interview, Charlie Johnson talks about how IP geolocation can help media companies protect – and make money from – their intellectual property, and explains how media owners can stay ahead of those trying to consume content illicitly, including on mobile devices.

Deutsche: Warum Geolocation essentiell für Online Marketing ist [dmexco 2017]

dmexco 2017

Im Interview mit, Kate Owen, Vice President Nordeuropa von Digital Element, geht auf die Verwendung von Geolocation in der Digitalbranche, insbesondere im Online Marketing, ein.

In an interview with, Kate Owen, Vice President of Northern Europe at Digital Element, highlights the use of geolocation in the digital sector, especially in online marketing.

Better Mobile Marketing using IP Location Data [MWC 2017]

Mobile Marketing Magazine’s David Murphy sits down with Charlie Johnson of Digital Element to explore the latest ways marketers are harnessing the power of IP location data to better target mobile users.

Sebastian Perez of Discusses Value of Geotargeting

Leading ad server platform company in Latin America,, combines Digital Element’s accurate geolocation data with behavior data to help brands reach the right users to maximize revenue.

The Art of Staying Relevant in a Changing and Disruptive Digital World [Colloque 2016]

Elena Vega, our Business Development Director for Southern Europe, speaks on how IP geolocation data solves key challenges in today’s online advertising ecosystem.

WiFi Beats 4G When It Comes To Geo-targeting [Cannes 2016]

Charlie Johnson is awesome!

Charlie Johnson talks to Mobile Marketing Magazine’s David Murphy about the power and granularity of Digital Element’s IP geolocation technology, and why WiFi beats 4G when it comes to geo-targeting end users.

Video Advertising Leader on Geolocation’s Impact on Outstreaming’s Head of Tech Partnership Development Nick Takashima explains the need to use the most accurate IP geolocation technology within the company’s video advertising platform and why going with Digital Element was “the easiest selection process he has carried out in his entire career.”

Social + Location for Retailers [SXSW RetailLoco 2016]

Our lead mobile strategist, Aubriana Lopez, sits down with Office Depot, John Varvatos, Nomad and Upside Commerce to see how today’s retailers are using location data to drive business and improve the customers’ buying experience.

Be IP Smart, No. 1 – Coverage

Be IP Smart 1

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When it comes to worldwide coverage, no other IP data provider offers more seen locations than we do. So leverage the only global, validated, hyperlocal data set for your business!

Be IP Smart, No. 2 – Accuracy

Be IP Smart 2

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Whether you’re running geo-targeted ads, seeking out the deepest customer insights, or looking to provide the best online user experience possible, having accurate data is crucial.

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“This is an extremely exciting time for digital advertising. Being able to offer an accurate hypertargeting solution helps us ensure our clients are reaching consumers in the most relevant geographic locations which, in turn, drive performance and results for their campaigns.”

Marco Muzzi, Marketing Director, AcuityAds