Point-of-Interest Insights

Real-World Geo-Textual Intelligence for Digital Traffic

Digital Element is proud to offer the industry’s first and largest IP-to-Point-of-Interest (POI) database for the United States and Canada, with more than 16 million different points of interest in over 11,000 categories and growing.

By starting with either your users’ IP addresses or latitude/longitude coordinates, this POI database returns a list of nearby venues to that consumer, in categories ranging from health care providers and hospitals, to college campuses, to retail and restaurant locations, and more.

Target an On-the-Go Audience in Real-Time

Our Mobility Index is a unique and proprietary measurement tool created to provide further context to a consumer at any given moment. If a consumer’s current Mobility Index factor is high, it is confidently assumed that that consumer is on-the-go, moving throughout an area or region and not connected in a home, business, or leisure (coffee shop) setting. With a low Mobility Index factor we recognize that a consumer is in fixed mode, connected to a Wi-Fi network in a position that is not walking, riding, or driving.

Through the use of our algorithm, 20+ years of location-based data industry experience, and an understanding of connection types and context, Digital Element is uniquely positioned to share this data that amplifies the context and value we already deliver.

Get Started with Point-of-Interest Data

Going far beyond a simple return of geolocation data is critically important for making strategic business decisions, and understanding the consumer’s point of view in a specific moment―and venue has the ability to completely alter the strategy and timing of media.

Point-of-Interest data is already being leveraged for a variety of uses, including:

  • Running customer loyalty programs
  • Geoconquesting campaigns
  • Audience segmentation
  • Delivering targeted offers
  • Enhancing attribution and account-based marketing

Looking for point-of-interest data for your business? Our experts are here to help:

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