NetAcuity Pulse

NetAcuity Pulse

NetAcuity Pulse™ takes IP-based targeting to a new level by utilizing insights gleaned from mobile traffic, allowing Digital Element to offer more seen IP locations than any other provider.

This first-of-its-kind solution is revolutionizing IP targeting by allowing clients to more effectively target both mobile and connected traffic by leveraging a “living network” of IP location information derived from mobile devices and billions of real-time data signals and WiFi connection points. This data, provided by partners including Skyhook Wireless, allows Digital Element to leverage its 15+ years of IP location targeting expertise to deliver a new data set that clients can employ to expand the global coverage reach for postcode level and mobile device targeting.

Pulse is available for purchase in addition to Digital Element’s current NetAcuity offerings for those companies looking to fill the mobile gap and dramatically increase global postcode level targeting coverage.

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“Digital Element has a great reputation in the advertising world. After testing Digital Element’s NetAcuity technology and seeing the success rate and their ability to deliver the most complete data, we’re convinced this reputation is well deserved.”

Byron Ellis, CTO, Spongecell