NetAcuity Pulse Plus

NetAcuity Pulse Plus

All the features of Standard, Edge, and Pulse, combined with our unique reverse-geocoding data feeds.

NetAcuity Pulse Plus™ is the first-of-its-kind ZIP+4 targeting solution, combining the device-derived data of NetAcuity Pulse with Digital Element’s internally developed reverse-geocoding data feeds. Available for Flat File implementation, Pulse Plus leverages this new intelligence along with shape and boundary files to enable the next level of ZIP code targeting for the U.S.

The industry's only IP-based ZIP+4 location offering

Globally, Pulse Plus now allows for the finest granularity of IP-based lat/long targeting, taking the traditional methods of centroid lat/long targeting to new depths of precision.

NetAcuity Pulse Plus is available for purchase for those companies looking for the most granular ZIP and lat/long IP-based targeting available.

Hyperlocal IP geolocation combined with precise latitude/longitude targeting

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“Digital Element has a great reputation in the advertising world. After testing Digital Element’s NetAcuity technology and seeing the success rate and their ability to deliver the most complete data, we’re convinced this reputation is well deserved.”

Byron Ellis, CTO, Spongecell