Identity Resolution in a Privacy-First Adtech World 

In today’s fragmented data and marketing landscape, clients rely on experts to help connect the dots between customers and prospects. Many may have one identifier for their audience, such as a MAID or physical address, and need to reach potential customers through another channel. How can clients find the right audience with a high degree of confidence and accuracy?

Enter Matchbook Matching, an identity resolution solution that unlocks the full potential of piecing together fragmented first-party data. By adopting a more holistic approach to targeting, using a range of data sources, and investing in advanced targeting technologies, these challenges can be overcome, enabling advertising campaigns to be taken to the next level.

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Matchbook In Action

CTV/OTT Targeting

Audience Extension

Cross-platform targeting/retargeting

Account-Based Marketing

Matchbook Data Pathways

Unlock the full potential of a client’s first-party data by matching to highly accurate digital signals

Physical Location to IP

Optimize location-based targeting strategy with highly accurate IP data. Matchbook enables targeting based on the most recently observed IP addresses within proximity of a desired location.

IP Geolocation and Intelligence
IP Geolocation and Intelligence


Maximize ad spend and increase ROI leveraging MAIDs with the highest observations on an IP! Accurate targeting of the right customers can be achieved, ad waste can be reduced, and campaigns can be taken to the next level.


Supercharge targeting capabilities and reach customers across devices with ease using IP addresses that a MAID has connected to the most. Optimize retargeting campaigns and start getting more out of audiences.

IP Geolocation and Intelligence

Fully Customizable

Matchbook Matching allows for parameter customization to fit customers’ different data needs:

  • Historical context

    Look as far back as 180 days to match unique use cases and opportunity window for in-market consumers.

  • Adjust the number of matched responses

    Adjust to target top propensity connected devices to reduce noise.

  • Tailor the threshold of observations

    Gain insight into the domain names tied to given IP addresses, companies and target only those connections with the most seen observations to eliminate devices with less affinity.

Other Matching Capabilities



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