Scary Times: Personalization in a Data-private World

Even though Halloween’s best scares are now behind us, online marketers trying to personalize advertising and content still face frightening times.

We hear it every day from prospects in the field. “Do Not Track” programs for online behavioral targeting and shoppers’ unwillingness to disclose personal information for a more customized online experience have made it more difficult for online marketers to accurately target the right web users in the right places.

And, every day these same online marketers are surprised to learn that they do, in fact, have access to a cost-effective, privacy-sensitive online marketing tool called IP Intelligence technology.

As a pioneer in the online targeting space, we at Digital Element initially focused on geolocation information about online users, but continued to push the envelope to evolve the technology into what it is today – full-fledged IP Intelligence. Our technology offers a multitude of data points that we deliver to help any company with an online presence better connect with their audience.
With IP Intelligence, you can perfect audience segmentation capabilities and targeting based on parameters such as:

• Geographic location (country, state, city and postal codes)
• Connection speed
• Domain name
• NAICS Codes
• Home/business
• Language
• Proxy
• Company name
• Organization name
• Mobile
• U.S. Area code
• Time zone
• Longitude/latitude
• U.K. ITV Regions
• Demographics
IP Intelligence allows online marketers to maintain the highest standards of online privacy and comply with “Do Not Track” because there is no application or usage of cookies or pixel tracking. There is also no communication of, or access to, personally identifiable information.
However, maintaining users’ privacy is just one of the building blocks for a successfully data-driven online marketing strategy. Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of that information should be part of that foundation as well. It’s important to remember that you can glean plenty of useable, reliable and accurate online data without invading users’ privacy through technologies such as IP Intelligence. In many instances, this online intelligence can be combined with offline datasets to create a validated, wealth of information that allows marketers to confidently produce the necessary one-to-one, cross-channel marketing efforts necessary to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

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