Data Sheets

Data Sheets

Infographic: The Race to Reach Mobile Wi-Fi Users

View the Infographic Mobile Wi-Fi access is booming everywhere, and marketers, retailers, and advertisers are using IP Geolocation to instantly, accurately, and reliably target today's always-on-the-go users. And with the whole world now shifting toward mobile, being able to target your audience on any device is crucial for any business looking to keep its lead...

Infographic: Cutting the B.S. Out of Your LBS Strategy

View the Infographic Using GeoMprint & NetAcuity to Create Memorable Interactions with Your Entire Audience Device type, consumer preferences and location awareness provide opportunities for businesses to connect with consumers in multiple ways. But the noise around these opportunities can create confusion. Here's a strategy we wanted to share to help you cut the crap...

Visual Guide: The NetAcuity Solution Suite

View the Infographic A Guide to Selecting the Right NetAcuity Solution for You Whether you need to target or control content on a country level or down to a ZIP+4 level, Digital Element has a solution that delivers the right level of granularity. Our proprietary targeting technology offers global coverage and gives businesses the power...

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