Point-of-Interest (POI) Database

Real-world Geo-textual Intelligence for Digital Traffic

Digital Element has created a first-of-its-kind IP-to-POI database that helps to identify users in the immediate vicinity of nearby points of interest. Leveraging our unique Mobility Index™, which indicates whether an IP is fixed or mobile, and our machine-learning methodologies, we have made the missing connection between stationary IPs, their locations, and the points of interest around on-the-go users connecting via static IPs. This allows us to provide clients with a list of POIs within 100 meters of a user, and includes businesses in categories such as retail stores, restaurants, gas stations, hospitals churches, and more.

Our proprietary algorithms and data scientists leverage multiple inputs that will return either a one-to-one relationship for an IP address, or will provide a list of the closest POIs. By ingesting device-derived data and partner-derived POI data, our unique dataset allows clients to target users in real time and to attribute historical IP Traffic to potential real-world foot traffic in or around brick-and-mortar locations, adding context and insights to consumer behavior from online IP traffic.

Because of Digital Element’s industry leadership within the IP location space, our clients have increased flexibility around their interactions with our POI data. For example, should a client want to target a category such as “Restaurants,” and then a specific business within that category such as “Bob’s National Burger Chain,” there is the option not only to target on a national scale, but also to refine searches to geographical areas such as regions, DMAs, city-level and more, allowing even greater targeting and measurement control.

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