GeoMprint Product Sheet

Reverse Geocoding Technology Without Contingencies

GeoMprint is Digital Element’s new reverse geocoding solution targeted at mobile device traffic, converting a device’s raw location coordinates into more useful geographic information. This information allows clients to target mobile users with unmatched accuracy and reliability, bringing context to on-the-go interactions.

A Reverse Geocoding Solution That Automatically Creates a More Relevant, Point-in-Time Mobile Experience

Offered as a cloud service or on-prem solution, GeoMprint takes coordinates and converts that data into more useful geographic information such as ZIP/postcodes, ZIP+4, cities, regions, etc. This allows on-the-go users who are more likely seeking information and/or wanting to take action immediately to automatically receive more localized content, messages, advertising and promotions. Furthermore, our unique Mobility Index provides insight into how likely a user is currently on the move.

By converting otherwise useless lat/long coordinates into useful and understandable geographic data, GeoMprint can be leveraged for applications ranging from targeted advertising, nearest location, content localization, geographic rights management, fraud prevention, and more.

GeoMprint Benefits

  • No query restrictions or map contingencies
  • Industry-leading geolocation postal code polygon data
  • Option for targeting even when users opt out of location-based services
  • Cloud deployment options
  • One-of-a-kind mobility index
  • On-prem low latency deployment (25-35k queries per second)
  • Value; we currently offer our GeoMprint service at a lower price point than Google’s service—especially at higher volumes—and better pricing if IP is shared

A New Solution from the Geolocation Leader

Digital Element developed GeoMprint with today’s businesses in mind and is leveraging its more than 15 years of leadership in the geolocation space to bring to market yet another cost-effective, accurate and reliable solution that addresses evolving needs in the mobile space.

Furthermore, GeoMprint complements Digital Element’s current NetAcuity IP-based offerings to provide companies with a more comprehensive and cohesive geotargeting strategy from one vendor that reaches both online and mobile users.

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