NUI Media Adds Hyperlocal Geolocation Tech to Enhance Ad-Serving Capabilities


Small- and mid-market publishers as well as ad networks require ad-serving technology that can grow as their impressions do. NUI Media, a publisher and ad network digital advertising platform, has solutions that address these very needs in the marketplace.

The company’s NUI Media Ad Server is one of its core offerings. It enables publishers and networks to source and manage all media through one integrated ad server that maximizes yield, based on the value and preferences of each unique user. This real-time, feature-rich ad server focuses on user experience and satisfaction. With a full array of targeting options, the NUI Ad Server is a one-stop shop for any digital ad operation’s needs.

To enhance the platform’s geotargeting capabilities, NUI Media has selected Digital Element’s NetAcuity Edge IP Intelligence and geolocation technology to help deliver more effective digital advertising. NetAcuity identifies actionable information about online users such as geographic location, connection speed, domain name and more—information that is proven to help improve the relevance, reach and response of online advertising.

“Since IP database tables change on a daily basis, we need to have the tables updated as frequently as possible,” said David Waldack, co-founder and CEO of NUI Media.    “Having worked with Digital Element in the past, I knew we were getting the gold standard for this service. Updated data is provided on a weekly basis, which gives our customers peace of mind that the geotargeting information we are providing is not only timely, but also highly accurate.”

Learn more about how your ad-serving platform can benefit from proven and reliable geolocation technologies here.

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