New Developer’s Edition of IP Geolocation Technology

Localized, geotargeted content, advertising and promotions are among the hottest topics for mobile and online marketers these days. BIA/Kelsey, an adviser to companies in the local media space, expects spending to increasingly shift from traditional media and direct advertising to digital alternatives. Mobile and online will account for the largest increase in local ad spending, nearly doubling from $11.1 billion in 2011 to $21.8 billion in five years (CAGR: 14.4%).


You simply can’t discuss online or mobile marketing strategies without making geolocation a part of that conversation today. But for organizations and/or web developers who don’t have a lot of experience with IP geolocation technology, wouldn’t it be great to “test drive” that data first in order to apply geotargeting capabilities effectively into their websites?


With that in mind, we’ve newly launched The NetAcuity Developer’s Edition which can be quickly downloaded to provide organizations with the ability to explore the value geolocation can deliver. It’s intended for evaluation use, small deployments, or development projects around other web services, applications, platforms, or IPv6 initiatives.


This meets a variety of needs for:


·         Developers who need quick access to IP data in order to evaluate and determine how they can integrate it within their networks, websites, portals and social networks.

·         Smaller businesses that are looking to evaluate geotargeting capabilities without a lot of upfront investment.


The NetAcuity Developer’s Edition features:


·         Geo Data – Country, State/Region, City, Latitude/Longitude, Connection Speed.

·         Other Data Sets – Domain Name.

·         Delivery – Flat file only.

·         Data Limits – Maximum 1 million IP lookups per month.

·         Data Updates – Monthly (Data is at least one month old).

·         Accuracy – Lower accuracy due to use of month-old data; accuracy at approximately 99 percent for country level and 90 percent for city level.

·         Customer Service – None.


It’s quick, easy and affordable to get started.


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