NetAcuity Developer’s Edition

NetAcuity Developer’s Edition

Digital Element is now offering a way to quickly access a subset of the data available in the company’s flagship NetAcuity® products. The Developer’s Edition is a great way to explore the value geolocation data can deliver, and is designed for evaluation use and small deployments or development projects.

The chart below compares the NetAcuity Developer’s Edition to Digital Element’s full-featured commercial databases.


NetAcuity EdgePremium Edition NetAcuityStandard Edition NetAcuityDeveloper Edition
Available Geo Data Country, Region/State, City/Town, 5-Digit ZIP/Full Postal Codes Country, Region/State, City, 3-Digital ZIP/Partial Postal Codes Country, State/Region, City, Lat/Long, Connection Speed
Other Available Datasets Custom Regions, Connection Type, Mobile/WiFi, Lat/Long, Area Code, Time Zone, Language, Proxies, ISP, Domain Name, ASN, Home/Business, Industry Codes, Company Name, Org Name, Demographics Domain Name
Delivery NetAcuity server software/API, flat file, web service Flat file only
Customer Service Free, 24/7 full support None
Data Limits Tiers to support any activity level Maximum of 1 million IP lookups per month
Data Updates Weekly Monthly*
Accuracy Premium dataset offering deeper granularity and the highest accuracy rates in the industry with 97%+ at a city level 99.99% at a country level, 95% at a city level Lower accuracy due to month-old data; approximately 99% at a country level and 90% at a city level

*Monthly updates for Developer's Edition provide data that is at least one month old

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Digital Element pricing is based on two variables: data requested and estimated monthly volumes. Please contact us so that we can learn more about your specific needs.

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