Need a 40-Percent Lift in Your Online Marketing Dollars?

Marketers are forever looking for better insight into the return on investment they can get through their online endeavors.

Effective online marketing has always been about increasing awareness, enhancing favorability, spurring some type of action or purchase intent in order to drive conversions. After more than a decade of analyzing our customers’ results with IP geolocation technology, we are learning how companies can achieve more than a 40 percent lift in their online marketing dollars. What marketer wouldn’t want that?

The effectiveness of online marketing campaigns can be increased substantially by delivering relevant messages to the appropriate audience segment. It’s clear that the level of accuracy, reliability and depth of data used in reaching a target audience online can drive return on investment several times higher than what can be obtained using traditional media channels.

However, there are vast differences between IP geolocation providers, both in the technologies they employ and the service models they deliver. It’s vital that marketers know what to look for in an IP geolocation technology so they can achieve the results they need.

Read the full press announcement here to get a complete list of the key criteria marketers should use when evaluating an IP geolocation provider.

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