Kicking It Up A Notch: How Do You Combine Taste and Relevance Online?

When it comes to developing a good recipe, taste matters. When it comes to a creating a good online experience, relevance matters.

Bet you’re asking yourself by now just how you go about combining taste and relevance online?

Well, to paraphrase Emeril Lagasse: Mix in a little geo-targeting and…BAM!!—you’ve just kicked your site up a notch!!, the world’s largest, fastest growing food site and premier destination for home cooks to discover and share everyday food experiences, has successfully combined both to deliver online content that resonates with food enthusiasts around the globe.

Recognizing the universal appeal of food and the worldwide growth of social networking, leveraged the latest geolocation technology when it expanded its online presence with six localized versions by automatically directing online visitors to new, more relevant localized sites where they can interact with, share experiences, and access content within a food-focused community in their own geographic region.

By identifying international audience segments and presenting geographically-targeted communications, traffic to the Allrecipes localized sites increased substantially—and good food continues to be shared around the world.

Learning how to harness the power of the Internet doesn’t have to be a riddle any longer., along with a number of other organizations, are examples of companies that have successfully leveraged the right technology to improve the online experience.

Now, in time for the weekend, I need to work on targeting something to drink…

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