It’s Donny Osmond’s Birthday! What Else Do We Know…?

Yep, it’s Donny Osmond’s birthday today.

How—and why—do I know this, you ask?

I’ve gotta come clean. Other than the fact that one of my colleagues informed me that she shares the same birthday with this ‘70s heartthrob and teen crooner who gave us the “memorable” tunes “Puppy Love” and “Go Away Little Girl”…this random piece of knowledge would surely have passed me by.

But, it did get me thinking…If Donny logged onto a website, what else could you learn about him? That depends on a couple of things—starting with whether or not the site was taking advantage of the latest in consumer insight technology.
If he was an unregistered site visitor who opted to remain anonymous, you could get zip code-level location information based on his IP address. Leveraging this information, you could get zip code-level demographic, lifestyle and financial information to help you deliver more relevant content and advertising information to him—while ensuring his privacy.

On the other hand, if Donny was a registered site user who shared his name and address, you could get consumer and household-level data, financial insights, and propensity and event triggers. With this information, you could provide highly targeted content based on his actual interests and purchasing power (which, by the way, should be very strong).

Even though we recently learned from “Dancing with the Stars” that Donny’s more than “a little bit rock and roll,” keep in mind there’s a lot more we can find out with the right IP intelligence.

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