IP Geolocation’s Role in Demand-Side Online Advertising


mbr targeting stands on the cutting-edge of big data. More precisely, you can find the company at the intersection of science and technology where it uses patent-pending algorithms to help drive more effective and efficient demand-side online advertising.

In this growing age of Big Data, forward-thinking companies such as mbr targeting know that they are only as good as their data. That’s why this technology provider chose to add the most accurate IP geolocation data as an advertising targeting criterion within its Demand Side Platform (DSP). By integrating the NetAcuity Edge™ hyperlocal global dataset into the DSP, mbr targeting can ensure effective geotargeting and reduce wasted impressions while improving ROI for its clients.

“We are committed to geotargeted advertising and Digital Element’s technology enables us to transfer business models that have proven very successful in the analogue advertising business to the digital world,” explained Christoph Tavan, CTO mbr targeting.

mbr targeting is now able to accurately target approximately 50 percent more IP addresses with almost four times better precision.

Read the full press release to learn how to use geolocation technology for demand-side advertising in the automotive industry as well as others.

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