IP Data’s Role in Mobile Attribution and Marketing Analytics

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App stores are saturated. More than 4 million apps currently exist across various platforms today. It is becoming increasingly difficult for app marketers to acquire new customers and monetize at the same time. The apps market is constantly changing, making ongoing measurement a requirement―if a company wants to remain competitive in this industry.

AppsFlyer, the global leader in mobile attribution and marketing analytics, has emerged as the mobile measurement industry standard because it empowers advertisers with unbiased and transparent attribution analytics driven by reliable, accurate and impactful data. With 11 global offices and a more than $6 billion in measured annual mobile ad spend, AppsFlyer serves thousands of clients around the world from agencies to brands to app developers―all who depend heavily on the company’s data integrity to optimize their campaigns. With that in mind, the company incorporated mobile-centric NetAcuity Pulse technology into its company’s analytics dashboard platform in order to provide clients around the world with the necessary geographic information to make more informed decisions when it comes to marketing and monetizing their apps.

“Everything is moving toward mobile, and the dynamics in the mobile app marketing and advertising ecosystem are in overdrive,” said Eran Lefler, vice president of projects at AppsFlyer. “To be successful in the app market, everything must work together, from the utility of the app to the overall user experience. However, measurement is the key in terms of companies being able to enhance their messaging efforts and maximize their return on investment.”

According to Lefler, geographic data plays―and will continue to play―an important role in AppsFlyer’s mobile attribution and analytics solutions. Read the full case study to learn how your company can use IP data to help determine the effectiveness of mobile app marketing campaigns.

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