Insight from IRCE 2014: Personalizing the Online Experience

Mobile may be pushing deeper into retail marketers’ psyches, but many are still trying to get a toehold on successful strategies to personalize consumers’ web experiences. At least, that’s the feedback we received from visitors to our booth at IRCE this year.

From credit cards companies and personal electronics vendors to automobile retailers and clothing stores, it was the same mantra: We want to give online shoppers the same personalized experience they can get in a brick-and-mortar store-without breaking the bank.

The retailers we spoke with were very interested to learn more about the important role that geography and location play in personalizing the online retail experience, and how geolocation technology can help them reach their objectives.

Because of the plethora of retail solutions out there, marketers can get a little bleary-eyed when it comes to talking tech (especially at a trade show when your time and attention level are compressed into a couple of quick days). But, we did hear this loud and clear when it comes to what retailers want from geolocation technology:

  • Accurate, reliable and validated data is critical.
  • No one-trick ponies. Must have the flexibility to use for multiple applications, from displaying more personalized product options to calculating shipping and taxes to protecting against fraudulent orders and payments to delivering targeted ads and promotions.
  • The ability to grow and expand with the business, especially as companies come to better understand and fully participate in mobile initiatives.

At IRCE shows in the past, we’ve always had a lot of interest from companies in our retail applications. However, there seemed to be a greater sense of urgency from retailers this year on how exactly our technology can help them-now. Geolocation technology has definitely moved up the priority list, from a nice-to-have to a must-have tool for personalizing the web experience.

We look forward to reconnecting with everyone who stopped by the booth and helping them develop strategies for personalizing their customers’ web experiences.

Until next June in Chicago…

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