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IP Location for Global Businesses

Optimize Online Services for Global Audiences

Without the ability to provide location-relevant content that reflects cultural, market and legal differences, technology companies, large corporations and global brands will struggle with maintaining and establishing a solid, worldwide presence.

Digital Element’s IP Intelligence and geolocation technology empowers organizations to accurately target site visitors based on real-time location and other IP-based data points, such as connection type, domain or mobile/WiFi, to create the optimal online experience and present a unified brand image globally. Leveraged by the world’s leading enterprises and websites, Digital Element’s IP Intelligence solution is a multi-use technology that can benefit any online initiative by creating more impactful interactions with a global online audience.

IP Geolocation Benefits:

  • Provide information, instructions and currencies to customers in their native language – automatically – without asking them to choose their country
  • Show relevant information and offerings based on the website visitor’s location
  • Deliver regional relevance through unique product and page themes
  • Promote your company’s presence at local and regional training seminars and conferences by presenting website visitors with events in their region
  • Control access to digital content based on geolocation data
  • Present potential employees with job offerings in their region without making them search for careers in their area

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