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IP Location Targeting for Hospitality & Travel

Fill Beds and Seats with Location-Targeted Content and Offers

Whether the goal is to create engagement with new customers or to increase spending with current customers, companies in the hospitality and travel industry need to pull out all the stops to ensure their online content speaks directly to each visitor, in a personal way. Without this differentiator, companies will find themselves with empty beds, seats and tables.

Digital Element’s IP Intelligence and geolocation data allows you to accurately and non-invasively leverage information about online visitors in order to present more personal and relevant content and promotions. Geotargeting content using a visitor’s IP location minimizes clutter so interested parties can find the information they need fast — and book their travel and entertainment even faster.

IP Geolocation Benefits:

  • Increase online bookings and reservations by showing relevant information based on real-time location data, such as the cheapest flights at the airport closest to a user
  • Use location-relevant promotions and discounts to fill seats, beds and tables ― regardless of device type and how users are connected to the Internet
  • Drive engagement both locally and globally by serving language and currency-specific content
  • Direct more leads and traffic to your partners’ offline locations by offering coupons to local restaurants or discounts to entertainment venues

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