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IP Location Targeting for Financial Services

Grow and Protect – Your Online Customer Base

Whether your focus is insurance, banking, brokerage, lending, or credit cards, improving the online experience and protecting consumers should be top priorities. Consumers have enough on their plates, so offering relevant, customized content and ensuring that every interaction with your site is secure can go a long way in building brand affinity and creating solid, long-lasting relationships.

Digital Element’s IP Intelligence and geolocation technology non-invasively identifies information about online visitors such as real-time geographic location, allowing site content to be dynamically tailored for each visitor. Furthermore, the intelligence uncovered is proven to be a crucial part of any online fraud-prevention strategy as it allows organizations to identify potential account access attempts that are out of character with a given user’s normal activity.

IP Geolocation Benefits:

  • Present geographically relevant content to maintain consistent communications and messaging to customers on a local, regional, national, or global basis
  • Simplify the customer experience by automatically presenting localized content, such as the nearest ATMs, stores/branches, or service centers
  • Leverage IP Intelligence data as part of a fraud-detection and -prevention to identify account access attempts or other transactions that may indicate an account has been compromised
  • Stay competitive by strategically targeting promotions such as car loans, home equity lines, and credit card offers based on a visitor’s location

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