Hyperlocal Postcode Targeting Records 34-Percent Improvement in Conversion Rates


As a leading innovator in digital display trading, Media IQ has worked to identify and address the flaws within the global industry that prevent clients and advertisers from achieving the performance levels they require from their campaigns. In order to improve the accuracy and reliability of their clients’ targeted online advertising campaigns, these next-generation performance trading specialists have chosen to deploy real-time, postcode-level IP geolocation data to increase advertising effectiveness for its global customer base.

“We are constantly seeking to innovate and are looking for integrations to enhance our offering to the market,” explained Prabhu Prakash, technology director, Media iQ. “IP intelligence and geolocation technology are critical tools in the field of online and mobile advertising, enabling us to geographically target our clients’ campaigns with unprecedented granularity and precision, optimizing campaign effectiveness.”

Media IQ has noticed a significant uplift in campaign performance since the hyperlocal IP geolocation technology has been incorporated into its solution suite. For example, a recent client campaign recorded a 34-percent improvement in conversion rates.

Read the full press release to learn about the other results Media IQ is achieving for its clients’ campaigns with the implementation of NetAcuity EdgeTM.

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