How Going Global and Going Granular Go Hand in Hand for Ad Targeting Across Devices

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Digital consumers own and use 3.64 connected devices today―from laptops to smartphones to tablets and wearables. Research indicates that quickly emerging innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes and telehealth will connect an additional 17.6 billion devices to the internet by 2020.

This multi-screening phenomenon is also driving a greater need for faster and more reliable connectivity, leading many users to choose Wi-Fi over their mobile network data plans. In order to execute effective advertising campaigns today, it’s crucial to be able to target the most receptive and relevant audiences―across devices as well as where and when it matters most.

Crimtan, a UK-based global advertising technology company, has seen the digital advertising marketplace change significantly in the last several years. As such, the company has recognized the need to continually search for and provide its clients with the most accurate and reliable audience data―allowing Crimtan to update its targeting capabilities to accommodate the evolving connected world. The company has been able to enhance its targeting capabilities to address marketplace needs, going beyond merely targeting online audiences on a postcode level worldwide to engaging individuals in specific locations as well as expanding its reach on mobile.

In September 2013, the company launched a partnership with Digital Element, with the adoption of its NetAcuity EdgeTM solution to provide accurate geographic targeting capability down to a postcode level worldwide. In April 2015, Crimtan upgraded to NetAcuity PulseTM to increase reach, accuracy and targeting ability by harnessing new insights derived from Wi-Fi connected mobile traffic. Just recently, the company decided to take its hyperlocal ad targeting to whole new level with the move to NetAcuity Pulse Plus, giving Crimtan the capabilities to target very specific audiences concentrated in more pinpointed locations in terms of both mobile and connected traffic.

With clients throughout the United Kingdom, Central Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Australia, Crimtan understood the importance of utilizing new connections to help its clients capture the appropriate global audiences.

“Geolocation is a key factor of our ad targeting solution, and it is vital we use the most accurate location information to enhance our clients’ campaigns,” commented Rob Webster, Crimtan’s chief product officer.

Crimtan has a number of client success stories, among them:

  • Outdoor Advertising: More granular data helps clients who run poster campaigns in selected postcodes around the United Kingdom deliver their customers’ digital ads to smartphones, tablets and PCs in the precise locations where the posters are displayed.
  • Tourism: Through the analysis of visitor traffic, a local tourism website was able to pinpoint locations of those showing the most interest. It was then able to condense its marketing efforts to focus on visitors to within 80 miles of Oxford.

All the use cases demonstrate how Crimtan can reduce costs, improve efficiency and provide stronger ROI for its digital advertising clients through the implementation of IP intelligence and geolocation solutions. Learn more here about how more granular data can help your global company more effectively reach audiences who matter.

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