Want to Reduce the Costs of Reverse Geocoding?

Reverse Geocoding with GeoMprint

GeoMprint™ is Digital Element’s reverse geocoding solution that allows mobile game developers to convert raw location coordinates into more useful geographic information such as ZIP/postal codes, ZIP+4, cities, regions, and more. This empowers our clients to turn otherwise useless lat/long data into actionable insights that can be used for applications including targeted advertising, nearest location, content localization, geographic rights management, fraud prevention, and more.

Contact us to find out how your organization can cost-effectively bring context to on-the-go interactions.

Use Cases

  • Nearest Location
    Easily allow on-the-go consumers to find the nearest physical location.
  • Real-time Targeting
    Deliver more relevant, point-in-time context to mobile users.
  • Geographic Rights Management
    Control access to digital content, regardless of device.
  • Fraud Prevention
    Leverage real-time mobile user information to strengthen identity verification.

Pricing Request

Digital Element pricing is based on two variables: data requested and estimated monthly volumes. Please contact us so that we can learn more about your specific needs.