Get a “JumpStart” On Internet Retailing in London

Internet Retailing is holding one of its JumpStart events, half-day sessions that take an intense look at some key issues impacting online retail, this Wednesday, in London. Running from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., the focus of this event is the Customer Experience.

Our own Charlie Johnson, UK Business Development Director, Digital Element, will be speaking on the topic of: “Location, Location, Location – Where on Earth Are You?”

She’ll be discussing how today’s Internet retailers have many different demands on their websites, along with how often some of the smallest user experience customizations are being forgotten-making their potential customers do more than they need to. She’ll explore how using IP geolocation data can increase sales, customer experience and help bridge gaps between the online and offline world.

Come ready to ask questions. Charlie will help you get to the heart of the answers you need.

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