Get a Front Row Seat for the Social-Mobile-Local Fireworks

Amid the Fourth-of-July ceremonies, parades, barbecues, picnics and fireworks commemorating our independence, I always like to take this time to also celebrate the freedom the Internet has given us.

We can research just about any topic we might need, shop in a store halfway around the world, watch videos on demand, and conduct business on a global scale-how, when and where we want.

The Internet, too, has certainly given rise to a very competitive playing field where marketers are constantly looking to get more bang for their buck. Social-media-savvy, smartphone-addicted consumers are increasingly looking to the social and mobile channels to connect and conduct business within their own local communities. The challenge as to which channel will be most effective for reaching these consumers has set off fireworks within the digital marketing community.

eMarketer recently posted an article on social ad spending, projecting it will reach $4.8 billion in the United State this year, $7 billion in 2014, and nearly $10 billion by 2016. Most of that spending will be national, but a growing chunk will come from local ads.

BIA/Kelsey predicts investments in mobile and Internet will account for the largest increase in local ad spending, nearly doubling from $11.1 billion in 2011 to $21.8 billion in five years. Overall, companies are expected to increase their investment in online and mobile advertising by 35.1 percent, while reducing spending in newspapers and magazines, direct mail, TV and radio.

A recent article in Mashable talks about how smartphone adoption will continue to grow nationwide, with nearly three-quarters of smartphone owners accessing their mobile devices to get location-based information in real time.

And, just as roman candles and aerial mortars steal the show during Fourth-of- July celebrations, there are those-including myself-who think local marketing will be the favorite to light up the digital landscape this year.

As Katy Perry would say: Boom, Boom Boom!

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