Eleven Patents and Counting

We’re proud to let everyone know that we’ve recently received a patent covering our hyperlocal IP geolocation technology, NetAcuity Edge.

For all you sticklers for specifics, Patent No. 8,443,107 covers the methods, computer program products and electronic devices for providing hyperlocal geotargeting based on validated, user-supplied geographic information, wherein the user’s anonymity may be maintained-and claims a priority dating back to November 11, 2009.

This patent strengthens our commitment to developing more technologies with the data depth, breadth and accuracy that marketers, advertisers and retailers need to compete and succeed in today’s cross-platform world.

Digital Element has more than 10 other patents related to IP geotargeting, DNS targeting, anti-phishing, authentication, IP geointelligent routing and traffic management but we’re always looking to bring more innovative solutions to the marketplace.

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