Direct Navigation Advertising Gets Boost from Accurate Geotargeting


With an estimated market size of $1 billion per year, direct navigation traffic has a 4.23 percent conversion-to-sale rate which significantly outperforms other traffic sources such as search engines (2.30 percent) and Internet links (0.96 percent). Direct navigation is the preferred way for users to locate a site for the first time which makes this traffic source a prime vehicle for user acquisition.

With that in mind, Team Internet set out to change the digital advertising space with its progressive direct navigation advertising and monetization services. Headquartered in Munich, Team Internet enables advertisers to access high-converting direct navigation traffic by precisely targeting the ads that appear on parked domains in real-time. The company’s two core products, DNTX—a text ad and zero-click advertising network—and ParkingCrew—an advanced domainparking platform—work in unison. The technology enables advertisers to deliver targeted content to one billion unique users every month, while helping domain owners to monetize their assets.

Team Internet will be boosting its targeting capabilities further with the addition of NetAcuity IP geolocation, which, in turn, will bring enhanced global data quality and a significant increase in geolocation accuracy.

“As a direct navigation advertising specialist, accuracy is paramount for us,” explained Mario Witte, CTO at Team Internet. “Digital Element’s geolocation technology allows us to offer unrivalled geographic targeting precision to our clients – combining geography with other targeting criteria, enabling us to reach the ideal audience, in the right country, at the optimal time.

Read the full press release here to get more specifics on how Team Internet is using IP data to ensure its advertising clients receive the maximum impact and revenue from direct navigation search campaigns.

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