Digital Marketing in Chile Gets Boost from Hyperlocal Geolocation Solutions


Internet penetration in Chile is among the highest of any Latin American country, but digital advertising expenditure there lags behind the regional average, according to eMarketer. Industry experts attribute this to the slow-down in the economy as well as the need for more accurate digital advertising solutions that can reliably reach consumers.

“The economic downturn has certainly had an impact on marketing spend, but the lack of innovative and cost-effective technology tools has also been a significant challenge for companies trying to reach both online and mobile consumers in Chile,” said Mauricio Dabdoub, CEO, INDIGOTEC Soluciones Integrales.

But all that is about to change as INDIGOTEC, a full-service technology consulting firm in Chile, is now integrating the NetAcuity platform of geolocation technology into its solution offerings for digital marketing, ecommerce, Internet and communications clients.

With the integration of these new digital marketing solutions, INDIGOTEC will now help its clients identify actionable information about online and mobile users such as geographic location, connection speed, domain name and more—information that is proven to help improve the relevance, reach and response of online activities—all while respecting the user’s right to privacy.

Read the full press release to find out how INDIGOTEC will help companies conducting business in Chile use the right technology tools to reach consumers and stretch their marketing dollars to their full potential.

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