Dads, Cars and Content

Guys love their rides. There’s something in men’s DNA which produces a life-long love affair with cars. Dads and grandfathers pass their passion about cars down to their sons, which only continues to fuel the ongoing infatuation.

Every guy remembers his first car with particular clarity. Mine was a ’69 Plymouth Sport Fury that could probably fit my current car, a Mini Convertible, in its trunk.

Most men go through a series of cars during their lifetimes: convertibles, pony cars, family cars, status cars, and classic cars—even midlife crisis cars (not sure my Mini qualifies). As more and more individuals have moved to buying and selling cars over the Internet, auto dealerships, distributors and exchanges have struggled a bit with how they now market to a generally “faceless” online audience. Gone are the days when the automobile sales person on the floor qualifies any and every prospect who literally walks through the front door of the local dealership.

Those in the automotive industry don’t have to struggle any longer. Through IP Intelligence, they can bring the local experience of buying and selling a car right to their customers’ and propsects’ desktops.

Take, for example,, the premier online resource for automotive consumer information. It is using IP Intelligence to automatically identify were web site visitors are geographically located so content and advertisements can be tailored for its audience across four different websites:,, and

Since adding IP Intelligence into its online strategy, Edmunds has simplified and enhanced the online experience for site visitors, boosted local advertising inventory and increased revenues. Now, that’s a ride worth taking.

And, speaking of rides, in case a new car is on someone’s Father’s Day list, I thought I’d post this compilation of the Top Ten Cars for Dads.  Luckily, my kids are getting me the Porsche 911…ok, maybe not.

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