Natasha Templeton

Natasha Templeton

Vice-Presidente de Publicidade e Novas Mídias

As Vice President, Advertising and New Media, Natasha is on a quest to expand the use of IP targeting within the Emerging Technologies sector. By creating new strategic partnerships and expanding the company’s extensive customer list she is helping to retain Digital Element’s leadership position within the market. Natasha is also responsible for managing and expanding Digital Element’s growing list of partners, from contract negotiations to client communications. She currently nurtures relationships with over 70 Digital Element clients, working hard to ensure that their unique business needs are fulfilled in a professional and timely manner. Natasha has over 12 years of sales and customer management experience, bringing to the table knowledge gained from positions at companies such as Winter, Wyman and Co., Growthphase, Inc. and Lanta Corporation. She attended Berry College where she studied communications.

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