Combining Geolocation and Wireless Carrier Data Helps Improve the Mobile User Experience


Latin America is a market where conventional phones or low-cost smartphones serve as the main mode of Internet access, so there is definitely a lot of opportunity to increase  membership rates for subscribed content. Naranya, the leading provider of wireless services in Latin America, is capitalizing on this opportunity by utilizing IP Intelligence and geolocation technology to provide more personalized content and a better experience to its mobile app users.

Naranya will integrate hyperlocal geolocation data in order to automatically identify the geographic location of its mobile app users, helping to deliver more personalized content. Additionally, the company will also employ a mobile carrier database to help ensure subscribers access content in the correct format and in the most efficient manner.

“Having the correct mobile carrier for each user is crucial for this project,” said Humberto Contreras, lead developer at Naranya. “This data allows us to develop a subscription-to-content business model. If we know the mobile carrier when a user enters our sites, it saves us steps within the process.

Read the full press release to find out the results that Naranya expects to receive in terms of increased subscriptions.

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