Behavioral Marketing

Mobile World Congress Recap: Data’s Role in the Internet of Things

It’s no wonder that this year’s Mobile World Congress broke attendance records with more than 93,000 people participating from all over the world. It’s an exciting time for both consumers and companies when it comes to mobile technology. From exciting new devices, connected cars and wearables to back-end solutions, technologies, applications and accessories, MWC provided […]

2014 Geolocation Predictions: It’s All About the Context

2014 is shaping up to be another big year for geolocation technology. However, next year, it’s going to be about “contextual” geolocation. Post codes and latitude/longitude data are interesting, but more importantly, instantly knowing where the user is in terms of “place” and deriving contextual information from that (using location as a proxy for their […]

The New Dating Game

I have to admit I’ve been off the market for some time (sorry all you geolocation groupies who keep leaving me your IP address on napkins at trade shows), but it appears that a lot has changed when it comes to dating these days. Unfortunately, I think I’m stuck in the days where you passed […]

Dads, Cars and Content

Guys love their rides. There’s something in men’s DNA which produces a life-long love affair with cars. Dads and grandfathers pass their passion about cars down to their sons, which only continues to fuel the ongoing infatuation. Every guy remembers his first car with particular clarity. Mine was a ’69 Plymouth Sport Fury that could […]

It’s Donny Osmond’s Birthday! What Else Do We Know…?

Yep, it’s Donny Osmond’s birthday today. How—and why—do I know this, you ask? I’ve gotta come clean. Other than the fact that one of my colleagues informed me that she shares the same birthday with this ‘70s heartthrob and teen crooner who gave us the “memorable” tunes “Puppy Love” and “Go Away Little Girl”…this random […]

Good Intentions for Father’s Day

We all want to ensure Dear Old Dad is well taken care of this Father’s Day, whether it’s the gift of a new BBQ grill, an outing at the local golf course, or dinner at his favorite steakhouse. But, let’s face it. Sometimes our good intentions are tempered by our own motivations, interests and purchasing […]

Balancing targeting and anonymity

I recently read this post over at Marketing Vox and found it very interesting. The conclusion of the study on consumer attitudes towards behavioral targeting was that “most consumers surveyed did express a desire for highly targeted, relevant ads” but consumers also did not like to be “tracked.”  This sums up the value of IP Intelligence […]

Welcome to My World…..

OK, not really “my world” per se…but the world of IP intelligence (for those who know me, that should come as a huge relief). No, this is not some god-given knowledge that I was born with. However, I do consider myself a pretty smart guy (and, did I mention very good-looking, too? And modest??? But […]

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