BBC Ensures Compliance with Licensing Rights through IP Geolocation

The BBC, one of the world’s largest broadcasting organizations, is known for developing cutting-edge programming that includes many beloved and enduring shows that include “Dr. Who,” “The Office,” and “Planet Earth.” As the BBC continues to provide an increasing amount of its content online to audiences worldwide through its streaming on-demand service, the broadcaster is obliged to comply with geographic licensing rights. By deploying real-time IP geolocation data, the BBC can more reliably permit access to its content in licensed areas and restrict access where it is prohibited.

“It is imperative that the BBC ensures compliance with licensing agreements,” explained Matthew Wood, head of Software Engineering for BBC Future Media, Online Technology Group. “By using accurate IP geolocation technology, we are able to ensure we abide by geographic licensing rights agreements.”

Read the full press release to find out why the BBC chose NetAcuity EdgeTM to help manage the geographic rights management for its online TV and radio content.

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