Are Turkey’s Digital Ad Revenues Ready to Take Off?


Recent research indicates that Turkey is poised to become one of the leaders in the digital media marketplace for Central and Eastern Europe. Through 2018, Turkey will strengthen its position as Central and Eastern Europe’s second biggest market after Russia. Internet access will remain Turkey’s largest and fastest-growing segment of entertainment and media. As a result, the growth in Internet advertising will follow, strongly outpacing TV advertising.

MedyaNet, Turkey’s leading online advertising sales company, is staying abreast–and ahead–of these developments within the digital marketplace. The company continues to develop innovations and updates for its products and services to meet the sector’s growing demands. As the online advertising sales house for Doğan Yayin Media Group, one of country’s leading media groups, MedyaNet will add new hyperlocal geolocation technology to enhance audience data sets, improving audience understanding and targeting ability.

“It was important for us to develop our geolocation capabilities to better suit the needs of our advertisers,” explained Bircan Ozbas, IT and business development director, MedyaNet. “We can now provide city-level location information, vastly improving the granularity of our geographic targeting.”

MedyaNet serves customers in the areas of display, mobile, online video, performance-oriented marketing, and social media, offering the sector a 360-degree digital advertising platform through its extensive service network. The addition of a more granular IP geolocation solution will enable the company to better support its clients through enhanced targeting and the delivery of more meaningful content and advertising that drives improved user engagement and ROI.

Get additional details here on how to apply geolocation capabilities in Turkey’s growing digital media market.

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