All Aboard!

It’s time to punch your ticket for travel. And, no, I’m not talking about President Obama’s plan for a high-speed rail – at least not yet.

It’s “all aboard” for thetrainline, the U.K.’s largest leading independent retailer of train tickets online and the latest company to realize the cross-functional benefits of geolocation technology.

Since 1999, thetrainline has sold train tickets to 3.3 million travelers, producing more than 14 million transactions among its 8.4 million plus registered users. The company sells tickets for all train companies on all U.K. national routes, with access to more than 293 million fare and journey combinations.

The company recently launched a new website with improved features and designs to make it even easier and quicker for travelers to buy inexpensive train tickets. The Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) also implemented new license agreements that required thetrainline to identify bookings made from outside the United Kingdom. No room for inaccurate data here, and no surprise to see thetrainline implement NetAcuity to reliably identify the IP address and country of issue for the debit or credit cards used for payments.

But, thetrainline still has a few more interesting stops to make. Within the year, it also has plans to use geolocation technology to deliver targeted, city-level promotions on the website so customers will automatically see travel offers for train journeys most relevant to where they appear to be located.

Talk about travel at the speed of light

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