Ad:tech New York Recap: All About Location and Context

Speakers, exhibitors and attendees at this year’s ad:tech New York all would probably agree that the proverbial “changing of the guard” is occurring in the marketplace as the number of smartphones and other mobile devices have surpassed PCs around the world. This means that mobile is fast-tracked to become the first screen for reaching consumers with advertising and marketing messages in many instances.

From discussions with the attendees visiting our booth during the conference, they view this as both an opportunity and challenge. Because today’s online traffic is now made up of BOTH mobile and connected traffic, marketers will continually need to find ways to successfully reach a larger and larger portion of “always-on” consumers. The future of marketing will involve delivering content tailored not only to where customers are in the traditional buying cycle, but also to where they are located, and when and how they access their information. Successful mobile marketing will really be about delivering contextual relevancy─ if a brand is going to target advertising and content based on where a user is located, it has to be applicable to that moment in time.

We also learned that we’ve got great timing! Our geolocation and IP Intelligence technology will allow marketers to leverage more granular data to incorporate geotextual, or location-and context-aware, business strategies to encourage smarter, more relevant interactions with consumers. For example, with 80 percent of mobile users gravitating toward rate- and speed-friendly Wi-Fi connections, geolocation and IP Intelligence technology will play a key role in allowing marketers to reach them in a privacy-sensitive and cost-effective manner.

Attendees were genuinely excited to learn about our new mobile-centric IP targeting solution, PulseTM. This first-of-its-kind mobile intelligence will give marketers a more precise, yet privacy-sensitive, global targeting method based on where a user is located and connected at a specific point in time─regardless of device.

A month removed from the conference itself and we’re hearing additional feedback about how Pulse will be a good technology complement to help drive more relevant and seamless omnichannel consumer experiences while improving engagement, building brand loyalty, increasing ROI and capturing point-in-time revenue.

If you didn’t get a chance to visit us at ad:tech this year and want to learn more about Pulse, then give us a shout here.

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