Ad:tech New York Recap: Data, Data Everywhere

Ad:tech New York delivered on its promise to be THE Digital Marketing event of the year. A lot of the hub-bub seemed to be around Big Data. Information. Intelligence. Analytics. Whatever you want to call it.

Marketers are reveling at the abundance of information they have at their fingertips to hone campaigns. Consumers are becoming more willing to pass along data to preferred companies when there’s a relevant deal in it for them.

Life is good! That is, if the information you’re getting is reliable and accurate.

The Digital Element booth was busier than ever fielding questions from brands, publishers, advertising networks and mobile marketers about geolocation. Their current challenges: Data accuracy and granularity. So many of our visitors realized using subpar data for their online geotargeting initiatives was just like throwing money down the “cyber” drain.

Outside of our geographic location datasets, which can target from a country level down to a ZIP or postcode level worldwide, visitors were keenly interested in our other solutions that can identify the carrier and connection type (WiFi or cellular) a mobile visitor is using based on an IP address.

Our team looks forward to reconnecting with everyone once we’ve all had a chance to fully decompress.

And, oh, did I forget to mention the Kevin Jonas keynote?

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